Eindhoven city tours

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Eindhoven - the city of light! Eindhoven is a city of design, technology and knowledge. A unique city with an industrial past that plays a very important role in the area of creative innovation.

A city that teaches you to think outside of the box, let's also learn something!

💡 We will find out why Eindhoven is the best European city in terms of quality of life? Why is the city so attractive for living? What is a human centered design for urban planners?

💡 Let's talk about the world biggest design event and new trends. And clarify where is “the smartest square kilometer in Europe”?

💡 We will take a step to the Forbidden city. We will know why Einstein visit the city and what are the greatest Philips inventions.

💡 We will walk to the design bureau and check one of the “must go” spot of the Dutch Design Week locations. I will guide you to design stores and show you the most interesting places.

💡 Let's give respect to the industrial heritage. We will visit the buildings that have become icons. We will see the fascinating and complex transformation of the city from an industrial duck into a creative swan.

For whom: for travellers, locals, who want to connect more with the city, for expats and their visitors (relatives and guests)

✖️Tour price for 1-2 persons:

✖️Tour duration:


* 15€ for each extra person in a group bigger than 2.

** This walk is more like a meeting with a friend who knows a lot of amusing and interesting stories about the city. During the tour we make couple of stops to rest and chat (costs for cafe are not included in the price).

*** We meet in front of Eindhoven central station and finish in area of Strijp-S.